21 Day Journey Back To Me

Next Journey Starts on May 1st, 2024

Are you tired of feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, just getting by?

Join us for an experiential journey for 45 mins per day at 7pm AEST, to begin moving towards calm aliveness.
Allow us to be your guides to discover more presence, more joy, more energy for the things
that you love.

You are not alone

There is Hope!

What is the life that is Right 4 You?

What would it be like IF you were in control?

Are you Tired of living a life you DON'T want?

Hi, I am Margaret

I want to be your hope, that you can find your way to a life that has satisfaction and for you to begin to live the life that you really want to be living and not just existing or getting by.

I am a Root Cause Therapist (RC.t), Life Coach, Mental Health First Aid certified and I want to be your guide to find that life. I don't use traditional modes of therapy , the lens in which I work is through the Biology of Trauma and working with the body (somatic experiencing)....as I believe that the body keeps the score.

The next best step is to create awareness to where you are at, what you want and create a roadmap of how you get there. We are all unique individuals and I want you to have a life that is Right 4 You.


Working from a place of prevention rather than cure, by bringing awareness, as I believe that awareness removes the fear......fear is what holds us back from living the life that we truly deserve.

Understanding you and others

Feeling like life is dull, boring and colorless?

Are you struggling with

  • Anxiety

  • Social Withdrawal

  • Trauma

  • Loneliness

  • Depression

  • Worry

  • Overwhelm

  • Stress

  • Fear

  • Poor relationships

  • Confusion

  • Anger

  • Hurt

  • Sadness

  • Guilt

How I work!

  • Schedule a FREE Compatibility Session

  • Discuss and create a plan

  • Sign up to a program or design a program according to your needs.


Before booking any packages, we will have a 20-min call so we can see which program is a good fit for you.   All sessions can be either online via Zoom video call or in person.


You most certainly can book a single session, however I highly recommend a minimum of 3 sessions to tap into the true healing and magic of any therapy!

Or Perhaps group sessions is what you are looking for.

Value & Payment

3 & 8 session packages offer you better value.

Payment Payment plans are available

"What happened, happened and couldn't have happened in any other way...... because it didn’t"

- Peter Crone

Reach The Life You Want!!

Right 4 You

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