NDIS Registrations


Margaret Gray

Margaret brings passion and awareness to helping others

Margaret is a Root Cause Therapist, Life Coach and Mental Health First Aid certified.

She has studied various modalities ranging from Somatic Practices, Conscious Hypnosis, Time Line therapy, Pranic Healing and is currently studying to be certified in the Biology of Trauma.

Wanting to live the best life available to her has been the driver for all her study.

and has a deep desire to1 Column see others discover how they can live their best life too.

Janette Dunn

Janette brings empathy and insight into complex situations.

As a Pediatric Occupational Therapist working with Children and families with complex health and developmental needs.

This, alongside her own struggle with chronic health issues, has led her on a journey of understanding the essential need to address the holistic biology of the nervous system, so as to be able to support wellness and well-being in each individual.

She is a trained counselor, certified SCENAR therapist and is also studying to be certified in the Biology of Trauma.

212 Karingal Drive Frankston, Vic, 3199


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