We all describe awareness differently, some words associated are:

* Alertness

* Realization

* Understanding

* Attention

The definition of awareness is:

"the quality or state of being aware : knowledge and understanding that something is happening or exists -

What is awareness?

Awareness is a state of being where you are the observer of your mind, as opposed to being controlled by it.

It is a state of consciousness in which you watch a continuous stream of thoughts come and go. If you are reading this chances are, you aren’t aware that you have a running commentary of thoughts!

Awareness is the Freedom from thinking for just a moment, Stepping back from thoughts into the moment or becoming aware of the space between your thoughts.

When you begin to practice awareness, it may not seem to be happening at first. Finding that stillness and absence of thought may feel frustrating… It may simply be highlighting to you how many thoughts you have and perhaps how unaware you have been all this time. This is not something to get frustrated by. Acceptance of your thoughts is a crucial part of the process. Allow them to be as they are.

Like everything else, the more you practice, the better you get, everyday in every way.

Welcome to the start your awareness journey....

When you are completely identified with the voice in our head, you are under the spell of your egoistic mind. Your egoistic mind serves us in so many ways, but when we take everything our thoughts say to be true and we cannot step into awareness.

Before we continue, in case this is your first introduction to awareness, try this short exercise…

What's the point of awareness?

When you are in a state of awareness, you have the power to observe the patterns of your mind. As a result, you have the option of choice. With practiced awareness, you don’t see an end to emotions or challenging situations. You get to take control and limit the suffering that the mind likes to manifest.

The point of awareness is the realization that your thoughts / ego are not you. When you feel lost you are lost in your ego.

How do I get awareness?

There is no shortcut to awareness. No pill, no smoothie and no one-time meditation that will enlighten you forever.

Awareness takes practice like any other skill. It takes training. Awareness is a lifetime commitment to yourself - What are you worth?

I have no doubt that when you begin receiving the incredible benefits of awareness, you won’t think twice about fitting in this practice. Sure you might forget about it for days, weeks, months at a time but that’s still part of your journey. For every moment you are aware again, you win a little more.

Awareness allows you to observe yourself, your conditioning, your reactions and your beliefs underneath them. Awareness allows you to rewrite your story, your connections and your behavior.

2-minute awareness exercise:

Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths. 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out. Take note of what thoughts come in. Do any thoughts come in? Are you questioning the exercise? Thinking about what to have for dinner? What voice is showing up? What’s it saying?

Open your eyes for a moment.

Now close your eyes again and take 3 more deep breaths. This time watch those thoughts as they come towards you and imagine they each arrive on a cloud. When the thought cloud towards you, visualize blowing it away again. Keep blowing away the thoughts until they begin to slow down. What are you left with?

What you are left with is awareness. Your consciousness beyond thought.